Comparison between thesis and dissertation sample

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Comparison between thesis and dissertation sample

Equation 3 Figure 1. For example, each dot in Figure 1. For instance, if some of the dots in Figures 1. Normally there is the constraint that the sum of all wk must equal 1.

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If the difference dij is very large, then this formula makes their similarity to be nearly 0; whereas if the difference is exactly 0, then the similarity is exactly 1. The c in the formula is a constant, the effect of which is that if its value is high, then attention is paid to only very close similarity, and thus many groups categories are formed; whereas if its value is low, the effect is the opposite: How groups are formed is determined by Equation 3, see below.

Finally, Equation 3 gives the probability P G i that point i will be placed in group G. Thus, suppose that some groups have already been formed, as in Figure 1.

How can we decide in which group to place it? An allowance must be made for the case in which the highest probability turns out to be too low — lower than a given threshold. In that case we can create a new group.

comparison between thesis and dissertation sample

In practice, Equation 3 is computationally very expensive, so some other heuristic methods can be adopted when the GCM is implemented in a computer. A question arising from Equation 3 is how we determine the very initial groupings, when there are no groups formed yet, and thus K is zero.

Experimental observations provide strong support for the correctness of the GCM, according to Murphy Opinions differ on which theory is best suited to describe the GCM. The prototype theory says that categories are represented through an average value but see Foundalis,for a more sophisticated statistical approach.

The exemplar theory says that categories are represented by storing their individual examples. Many laboratory tests of the GCM with human subjects appear to support the exemplar theory, although no consensus has been reached yet.

However, although the architecture of the brain seems well-suited for computing the GCM according to the exemplar theory, the architecture of present-day computers is ill-suited for this task. In Phaeaco Foundalis,an alternative is proposed, which uses the exemplar theory as long as the category remains poor in examples and thus the computational burden is lowand gradually shifts to the prototype theory as the category becomes more robust and its statistics more reliable.

The reader probably noticed that this section started with the question of object identification, and ended up with the problem of category formation. How was this change of subject allowed to happen? But the beauty of the First Principle is that it unifies the two notions into one: The power of the First Principle is that it allows cognition to happen in a very essential way: Our entire cognitive edifice is based on the premise that there are objects out there the nouns of languageswhich we can count: Based on the existence of objects, we note their properties a red object, a moving object, Subtract objects from the picture, and nothing remains — cognition vanishes entirely.

A related interesting question is whether there are really no objects in the world, and our cognition simply concocts them, as some philosophers have claimed e.

But I think this view puts the cart in front of the horse: Cognition mirrors the structure and properties of the world.

comparison between thesis and dissertation sample

Essence Distillation Analogy Making Simply identifying objects will not lead any cognitive agent too far. There must exist some way by which the cognitive agent does something useful with the identified objects.

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This cognitive ability — which is unknown whether any non-human animal possesses — is the ability to home in on the essential core of an object, event, situation, story, idea, without being distracted by superfluous details. Consider the following figure: Those pixels are not random: The specific algorithm that identifies those pixels is not important.

Children, early on in their development, typically use stick figures to draw people except that they draw the most important part, the head, with an oval or circle. Consider the following example: Monica was pushing the on—off button, having fun with the buzzing noise the toy was making. At some point, she noticed a differently shaped button on the toy, and of course tried to push that one, too.

She was disappointed though, because that was the release button for the lid that held the trashbag in the toy, and after a few more failed attempts she gave up. Suddenly, her father had a flash in his memory of something that happened in his childhood.Feb 20,  · Anonymous A Thesis is a scholarly written document of a smaller study on a particular topic in consistent with every details of Research Methodology.

It's written usually for obtaining a Masters Degree. A Dissertation is a scholarly document of a larger study on a particular topic in consistent with every details of research Methodology. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue.

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