Savages of north america

The title of this piece may be considered an irony due to the fact that when one reads the essay, what one will find is not a tale of savagery, but rather of civility. Savagery is often equated with being primitive, wildness and lack of civilization. Instead, the essay shows that the people in North America are far from being savage. In fact, they are civilized people.

Savages of north america

Benjamin Franklin Remarks concerning the Savages of North America Savages we call them, because their Manners differ from ours, which we think the Perfection of Civility. They think the same of theirs. Perhaps if we could examine the Manners of different Nations with Impartiality, we should find no People so rude as to be without Rules of Politeness, nor any so polite as not to have some Remains of Rudeness The Indian Men when young are Hunters and Warriors; when old, Counsellors; for all their Government is by Counsel of the Sages; there is no Force there are no Prisons, no Officers to compel Obedience, or inflict Punishment.

After the principal Business was settled, the Commissioners from Virginia acquainted the Indians by a Speech, that there was at Williamsburg a College, with a Fund for Educating Indian youth; and that if the Six Nations would send down half a dozen Savages of north america their young Lads to that College, the Government would take Care that they should be well provided for, and instructed in all the Learning of the White People.

It is one of the Indian Rules of Politeness not to answer a public Proposition the same day that it is made; they think it would be treating it as a light matter, and that they show it Respect by taking time to consider it, as of a Matter important. But you who are wise must know, that different Nations have different Conceptions of Things, and you will therefore not take it amiss if our Ideas of this kind of Education happen not to be the same with yours.

We have had some Experience of it: Several of our young People were formerly brought up at the Colleges of the Northern Provinces; they were instructed in all your Sciences; but when they came back to us they were bad Runners ignorant of every means of living in the Woods, unable to bear either Cold or Hunger, knew neither how to build a Cabin, take a Deer or kill an Enemy, spoke our Language imperfectly, were therefore neither fit for Hunters Warriors, or Counsellors, they were totally good for nothing.

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The Business of the Women is to take exact Notice of what passes, imprint it in their Memories, for they have no Writing, and communicate it to their Children.

They are the Records of the Councils, and they preserve Traditions of the Stipulations in Treaties Years back, which when we compare with our Writings we always find exact. He that would speak rises.

The rest observe a profound Silence. The Missionaries who have attempted to convert them to Christianity, all complain of this as one of the great difficulties of their Mission: It is mere Civility.

When he had finished, an Indian Orator stood up to thank him. What you have told us, says he, is all very good. It is indeed a bad Thing to eat Apples. It is better to make them all into Cyder. In the Beginning our Fathers had only the Flesh of Animals to subsist on, and if their Hunting was unsuccessful, they were starving.

When they were about to satisfy their Hunger, they beheld a beautiful young Woman descend from the Clouds, and seat herself on that Hill which you see yonder among the blue Mountains. Let us offer some to her.

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Come to this Place after thirteen Moons, and you shall find something that will be of great Benefit in nourishing you and your Children to the latest Generations. They did so, and to their Surprise found Plants they had never seen before, but which from that antique time have been instantly cultivated among us to our great Advantage.

Why do you refuse to believe ours? We have, say they, as much Curiosity as you, and when you come into our Towns, we wish for Opportunities of looking at you; but for this purpose we hide our Selves behind Bushes where you are to pass, and never intrude ourselves into your Company.

Two old Men usually come out to them, and lead them in.

Savages of north america

There is in every Village a vacant Dwelling called the Strangers House.In “Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America” (), Franklin argues that the white man tends to think of anyone who does not act as he does is a savage.

All three were translated into French, but he circulated only two, in the form of printed pamphlets: “Remarks concerning the Savages of North America” and “Information to .

What is the historical significance of Franklin's Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America? It is among the first American written works to promote tolerance. It is among the first American written works to use literary devices.

It is among the first American written works to use metaphorical language/5(16). Written by Benjamin Franklin ~ Savages we call them, because their manners differ from ours, which we think the perfection of civility; they think the same of theirs.

“Remarks concerning the savages of North America " is a part of Early American Literature that highlights Franklin's criticism of the Native Americans being referred to as savages.

This essay is based on Franklin’s experiences with the social and cultural nature of the Native Americans. REMARKS CONCERNING THE SAVAGES OF NORTH AMERICA (p.

) The savages of North America, Franklin’s beliefs are that they are less savage and more hospitable than us. One of the hallmarks of civilization is hospitality.

You go into an Indian village and they roll out the red carpet for us.

Benjamin Franklin: Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America